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Who uses OPTIMA?

« Defense departments and industry clients. »

How do government clients work with OPTIMA?

« Government clients use OPTIMA for armed forces development, for CONOPS testing, and for scenario analysis. For example, they want to know which future armed forces design fares satisficingly against an attacker. »

And industry clients?

« Industry clients want to understand the performance of their systems in concert with other systems, for example. »

What do your clients get out of it?

« Our government clients benefit from accelerated decision cycles, shortened planning processes, and stress-testable decisions.


We empower industry clients to become solution providers, foster their product innovation, and boost marketing and sales. »

What’s your USP?

« OPTIMA, of course. And our ease-of-doing-business attitude, our one-stop-shop philosophy, and our cost-efficiency. And our independence: our simulation libraries and tech stacks are in-house, proprietary, and fully owned by us. »

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