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Supporting your business’ critical decision-making

OPTIMA is a multi-agent, AI-enabled constructive simulation environment designed and built by Scensei to analyze adversarial encounters in different scenarios. OPTIMA supports decision-making related to the testing of concepts of operations, operational planning, force design, and scenario planning and exploration.


AI-driven simulation and data fusion empowers leaders to anticipate the future and design scenarios before they materialize by modeling individual and systemic behaviors, causes, and effects.


Our multi-agent simulations are digital twins. They are high-fidelity representations of the challenges at hand as they encode vast troves of information on interactions between people and organizations and detect patterns of how the world is evolving over time.

Your business environment and challenges are unique. Our multi-agent simulations support your business’ critical decision-making by being

- Descriptive: What happened?

- Diagnostic: Why did it happen?

- Predictive: What will happen?

- Prescriptive: How can we make it happen?

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