Simulation is a human-centric approach to overcoming business challenges. It allows leaders to anticipate the future by modeling societal behaviors and systemic causes and effects. AI empowers us to use simulation and data fusion to devise future scenarios before they materialize.

Our simulations are deeply expressive. We can easily comply with existing and future algorithm regulations that call for human support, because after all only a human has the cognitive capacity to truly understand why a machine makes certain predictions.

Scensei’s multi-agent models are high-fidelity representations of the challenges at hand. They encode vast troves of knowledge on interactions between people and organizations and detect patterns that indicate how the world is evolving over time. Computational simulations then spin the model forward to generate future scenarios. Testing different interventions for every scenario offers ultimate agility and resilience for your business.

Prevention beats cure. Preparation is everything. If the weather forecast says it is going to rain tomorrow, it makes sense to take an umbrella. With a clearer idea of what lies ahead, you will be prepared, agile and resilient for what the future holds – even in the face of complexity, uncertainty and adversity. Our multi-agent simulations provide invaluable support for your decision-making.

Let’s assume you want to forecast the roll-out of a new consumer technology in a specific market. You’ll ask, will customers adopt it to the extent of making it profitable? How will it change customer experience? We model market factors, like for instance customer behavior and different technology features, with critical human involvement to generate relevant roll-out scenarios. These predictions will allow you to select the most robust strategy against supply chain bottlenecks and competitors in the market.

Why use simulation to explore the effects of business decisions?

  • There’s not just one possible future, but many. You have the power to set the course. Be ready for surprises.

  • Testing is smarter than incurring unforeseeable implementation costs.

  • With our models, limited data and uncharted waters won’t pose a problem.

  • Simulation ensures affordable processing costs and data acquisition.

  • Simulation makes high-fidelity and accurate predictions.

The power of simulations cannot be brought to bear on critical business challenges unless simulation results are scrutinized in a level-headed analysis with expert recommendations. Scensei offers access to experts who understand the challenges you face and bring simulations into your world and in your language.

We know that your business environment and challenges are unique. Together with your expertise, we will apply powerful simulations to predict and drive future outcomes and develop realizable plans. 

Multi-agent simulation technology exists across the entire social and technical landscape, from border security and counter narcotics to container logistics, food commodity value chains, telecommunication trends, human migration, development cooperation and more. Our cost-effective, standardized simulation-building process shortens the time between inception and insight.

We gather data from various sources to develop advanced models that express critical project insights. With Scensei’s unique approach to data fusion, we build high-fidelity simulations to draw a picture that is more trustworthy and realistic than any other product in the industry. Data fusion combines different types of data for reliable analysis. We apply different types of data fusion, from low to high level, tailored to your needs.

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