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One-stop shop and boutique business with a passion for analytics and decision support

Scensei is a boutique business with a passion for analytics and decision support. We are registered and headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, a global innovation, ICT, and AI hub. Since 2012, we have served over 45 clients, completed over 160 projects, and built more multi-agent simulations than any of our competitors in the defense industry.


Our technological expertise is AI-driven data fusion and multi-agent simulation. We have developed our own industry-proven design principles and simulation-building processes. Our in-house simulation libraries and tech stacks guarantee radically short inception-to-simulation roll-out times. That’s why we can provide simulation-as-a-service to our clients.


We believe in an ease-of-doing-business philosophy and have a one-stop-shop attitude. In the pursuit of our business, we adhere to the highest ethical standards and comply with international data, algorithm, and export regulations. Your benefit? Focus, results, professionalism, seriousness, and time and cost effectiveness.

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