Scensei is an analytics and decision support boutique spearheading innovative
technologies to help governments, firms and nonprofits to make more effective
decisions and augment their actionable advantage in complex enviroments


Scensei is an analytics and decision support boutique spearheading innovative
technologies to help governments, firms and nonprofits to make more effective
decisions and augment their actionable advantage in complex enviroments

Analytics and decision support via simulations, artificial intelligence and machine learning

Data elicitation in sensitive domains

Tools and workflows for business, market and media intelligence and influence

Advanced analytics

Analytics is anything but mindless usage of technology served with fashionable technobabble. It's the judicious application of proper techniques and tools to produce results that lead to more effective decisions. The rest is semantics.

Work with us to see why people and organizations behave they way they do or don't and how their interactions give rise to outcomes, some intended, others unintended; some expected, other surprising. We have years of experience in compiling, collecting, fusing and analyzing data using social simulation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, social network analysis, advanced statistics and other analytics techniques that places you ahead of the curve.


Scensei is a world leader in building high-fidelity social simulations and their delivery platforms for decision support.

These simulations use detailed socioeconomic data and valid information on people's behaviors. They often cover large systems: economies of entire countries, region-wide social media spheres, production-to-consumer supply chains. Our clients ask for simulations for baselining, counterfactual analysis, scenario generation and evalution, and designing and testing new projects and programs, because our simulations have been shown to make risks better manageable and decisions more robust in the face of complexity and uncertainty.

For inquiries about our stack of simulations for coalition building, information propagation, logistics and security, aid and development and sensing technology, contact us directly.

Digital advice

Being part of the digital transformation can be like sailing between Scylla and Charybdis: Cost are high and payoff is uncertain.

Profit from our independent advice based on our profound experience in advanced analytics and decision support to make informed decisions about how to partake in the digital transformation yourself — be it through engaging in a machine learning, advanced analytics or artificial intelligence simulation projects; chosing a technology partner for your next big product launch, or assessing the soundness of your technology investments. Together we increase your affordances so that you make most out of the digital revolution.

Work with us

Every so often people ask us how we can work on humanitarian aid for a nonprofit while also optimize port security for a corporation? The answer is simple: Our ways of doing things match analytics challenges across industries. And for domain knowledge we work with our trusted partners and, most importantly, with our invaluable clients.

Aid and development





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Scensei is a proud partner of PeaceTech Lab
Scensei is a proud affiliate of AC4 at Columbia University
Running stronger than ever, Scensei was co-founded 7 years ago by

Armando Geller, D.Phil.
Armando leads our client engagements, eliciting software and workflow requirements, people's opinions or stakeholders' positions and integrating them into our solutions. His drive for finding the right question and framing it the right way stems from modeling complex systems and a rigorous and critical study of societies. He is trained at the University of Zurich (MA, DPhil) and is affiliated with C4I at Columbia University. Contact him at

Maciej Latek, Ph.D.
Maciej oversees the development of our tools and decision support platforms. An operations researcher by trade, he runs a tight ship of developers with requisite breadth and depth of knowledge to produce robust software in varied domains. He's trained at the Warsaw School of Economics (MA) and GMU (PhD). Contact him at

Seyed M. Mussavi Rizi, Ph.D.
Mohammad leads our simulation analytics, leveraging his economics training to build software workflows that empower clients with timely and actionable information weaved into stories of how, why and with what risk. He has studied at Tufts University (MA), the Fletcher School (MALD) and GMU (PhD). Contact him at


Scensei staff work in Alexandria, VA, USA; Zurich, Switzerland; Warsaw, Poland; Kiev, Ukraine and wherever our clients need us.

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